Is Confidence Coaching for Me?

What even is that? 

Most people don’t go through life waking up each morning wondering how many scoops of confidence they should put in their smoothie that day. 
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Over the years I’ve been combining the transforming principles taught in the business leadership arena with my world-class training in the performing arts, and then add onto that my years of my one-on-one personal coaching experience.
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Mix it together and you get a one-of-a-kind cocktail with a splash of —wait for it— confidence.

Using that unique blend, together with the real-world “make it or break it” lessons learned in the entertainment industry, I’ve been able to apply those powerful principles to propel me forward in my business, performing arts, life and confidence coaching careers.

I realize the combination of success in these three very different industries is rare.

 Most importantly, it has provided me with a

diverse set of tools, unique perspective and uncommon knowledge

 of how to teach others how to motivate and inspire themselves to reach their goals, diffuse their doubts, master their minds, and conquer their bodies.

I’ve spent 20 years developing a process of personal empowerment designed to help others create the self-confidence necessary to become who they want to be on and in any stage of their life, as well as inspire and lead others to do the same.
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Life Coaching vs Confidence Coaching

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It’s always easier to look back and see where you’ve come from to get a clear understanding of where you’re going. 
You start to see why you didn’t turn left when you should have turned right, and recognize the course corrections needed to move forward and achieve your potential—and it can be really powerful when you have a guide you trust to help you get there.
Every mentor is different, and sure, some things come down to semantics. But to be honest, I have never really considered myself a "life coach"....

...and I suppose that’s because I believe that 

It is your life
to coach, not mine.

My job is to EMPOWER you,
 by giving you the tools to do that! 

Together, we’ll discover your strengths, and also discuss what prevents you from making the small daily decisions necessary to build you up to be able to make the tough ones to overcome the obstacles ahead.

I will be your biggest fan along the way.

I'll point out your strengths that you might not see, and help you see a picture of who you can become, and help you create a roadmap of how to get there. 

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