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Every executive, at any level, can benefit significantly from improving their presentation power, personality, and performance. 

Introducing our #1
requested performance course:

Immediate Impact

Leadership Speaking & Executive Presenting

JC is proud to offer the newest addition to his consulting services!

This one-on-one course is designed to help customize your confidence as you take center stage and step into the spotlight of your professional life. It is conducted as a mix of virtual and in-person coaching sessions with Coach JC.

Whether you’re engaged in a one-on-one conversation, leading your team, or a keynote speaker, you may not realize that you aren’t having the intended effect on your audience the way you imagined — THEY might not even realize this.

For them to truly internalize, accept, and then apply what you are sharing, teaching, and selling, they need to experience the maximum impact of your preparation, personality, and performance. 

The process of developing the power of influential presentation in any setting 

begins with learning the math behind
the science of persuasion.

In this course we’ll cover 10 primary areas designed to give you immediate results by improving your motivational speaking, leadership, communication, networking, one-on-one sales, interview, and group presentation performance. As you do, you’ll also begin to see the transformative application in your everyday life.

Look over the course review to see where you’d like to experience Immediate Impact in your executive interactions.
Over the past 10 years, colleagues have recommended executive coaches as a potential fit for me. Because of my core beliefs to continuous improvement and coach-ability, I engaged in various consultations, but it never went past the initial meet and greet phase — until I met Jonathan Curtis.

I craved to be personally better, so that I would be pleased and proud of every single performance. However, what I lacked was a distinct and confident self-perception, I wanted to harness my strengths to overcome my weaknesses by further amplifying my talents. In our initial consultation, within seconds he summed me up better than I could, or anyone ever had.

Jonathan’s performance coaching has shed light on my small personal factions and fractures in a way that no one else could. After consistent work and progress together, my personal strengths are amplifying, I am equipped with the tools to succeed, and I am learning the processes and sequences in which to apply the tools.

I am most grateful to Jonathan for helping me better understand my intrinsic nature. This will forever enable me to project my voice and vision forward.

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Christine Wzorek

CEO, White Label Advisors
Chair, Women's Professional Network
ACG Utah
Head of People, Pitted Labs

What's included?

We will be covering these 10 Primary Areas, in-person and virtually.

The 3 "P"s of Presentation

Preparation, Personality, Performance — Identifying, magnifying, and multiplying your primary colors

The 6-Shooter

6 presentation goals that we aim to hit: Learning how they learn, and teaching what you know

The Seven Dialects of Body Language

The art of communication, the science of interpretation

Atmospheric Influence

Transmitting with clarity and speaking with confidence

Becoming Your Own Biggest Fan

Stepping into the spotlight of your own shadow: Investing in your insecurity and capitalizing on your weaknesses

Image Impact

The “It Factor” and forging first impressions: Networking with professional chemistry

Taking Center Stage

Showcasing your strengths and making your weaknesses irrelevant 

An Open Book

Reading your audience and projecting relatable vulnerability 

Bridging the Gap

Your inside reality vs. their outside perception

“A 5 Star Review”

The 5 points of audience attention retention
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Optimize Your Performance

Maximize Its Effect


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