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Being blinded by your weaknesses will never allow you to see your strengths.

— Jonathan Curtis
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I'm glad you're here.

No matter who you are, where you come from, or where you find yourself in life right now, everyone can use a little more confidence.

If you're not sure why you clicked onto this website, that's perfect: you're curious. Let's find out together. 
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—What I Do

Your self-confidence is what bridges the gap between doubting and doing and from believing to becoming.

As a confidence coach, I help individuals create and customize a new sense of true self-confidence in all different areas of life, no matter how big or small your goals and challenges may be.

By helping you learn how to master your mind, conquer your body, and maximize your potential, you’ll be able to perfect your strengths, overcome your weaknesses and manage your life with complete confidence.


We do this together.

I’m here as your guide, to map out the blueprint you need to build the person that you want to be.

There are no shortcuts to becoming the best you, but that doesn’t mean it has to take a long time to get there!

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Ultimate training school makes it really simple for people to reach their full potential and deliver their message in a practical way.
— Grace Walsh
Ultimate training school makes it really simple for people to reach their full potential and deliver their message in a practical way.
— Grace Walsh
Ultimate training school makes it really simple for people to reach their full potential and deliver their message in a practical way.
— Grace Walsh

A Q&A with Your Confidence Coach

Have questions? So do others!
Here are some answers to 10 common questions I get asked. 

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What do you tell people when they ask what you do?

More often than not, people are surprised when I tell them that I’m a confidence coach.

Almost always their response is the same: Interesting--what is that exactly? Like a life coach or something?
Sure, yeah, I tell them. Like a life coach...or something.

What do you actually do as a Confidence Coach?

I help individuals to customize and create a new sense of true self-confidence. I show them how to build the right tools for them to use so they can master their mind, conquer their body, and maximize their potential.

How do you teach somebody to be more confident in life?

The truth is, I can’t “teach” anyone about THEIR life—it’s theirs to learn from.
However, I can teach them about my own and what I’ve discovered to be true for myself and many others.

What makes you so confident in your ability to help people get the results they want?

I realized early on that before I could coach anyone through their own life, first, I had to truly understand mine—and I’m still learning, but what I’ve learned so far has not only helped transform my own self-confidence, my success—my happiness, but it has helped others also to maximize their potential, achieve their goals and to manage their life with complete confidence. “Satisfaction is the function of expectation” so when a person comes to me for coaching I first help them to set their expectations and when those are met, they feel satisfied.

How do you help someone who doesn’t know where their life is headed?

I can help someone to build on their strengths to overcome their weaknesses, I can help them to have courage and how to use their vulnerability to create confidence, but I can’t choose for them the path they should take—that’s for them to decide—that is the first step they must take toward self-empowerment.

However, I CAN guide them along the way.

For someone who already is self-confident and knows that they can be better and achieve more, but don’t know how. What can you do for them?

As a confidence coach I can see their potential, and what they can achieve—I can help them develop the perspective they need to have the patience to be persistent and not give up just because they aren’t sure what their limits are.

I can help them understand WHO they are, so that they can discover for themselves WHO they want to become—that’s for them to find out on their own—that is the second step one takes toward self-empowerment.

How do you help someone create self-confidence, and where does a person begin? When will they know that they have “arrived”?

When you focus on the WHY, the HOW becomes clear. When you focus on the WHERE, the WHEN will become obvious.

Self-empowerment must come from within. There are no shortcuts to being the best YOU. But that doesn’t mean it has to take a long time to get there.

How do you help someone who feels lost and hopeless?

As a confidence coach, I help elevate others so that they can see clearly where they’re at this moment in life, that way they can see where they are going, and once they recognize where that is, I can teach them how to get there.

It's important you recognize where you are AND how you got there, so you have a clear understanding of where you need to be.

What really is true self-confidence?

Before we take a closer look at what true self-confidence is, first we have to identify what it is not.
In all areas of life, oftentimes we mistake confidence as arrogance and arrogance as confidence. Sometimes we even hesitate to show our confidence because we fear that we will be perceived as arrogant, and uninterested in anyone’s opinion but our own.

So what is the difference between confidence and arrogance?

Arrogance is born from the absence of Humility and is the essence of ego.
An arrogant person fails to recognize their weaknesses and prefers to Parade their achievements.
Arrogance will loudly take the lead in conversations and overtly state their opinions as facts.
Arrogance is the mask we wear to cover up the fear of being wrong.
Self-confidence, however, is rooted in a person's personal private victories and not the constant need for public praise and attention. It makes its introduction quietly with awareness of one’s weaknesses and the determination to have courage in spite of them so that they may become their strengths.
So, despite what one might think, confidence is not the absence of insecurity, but the openness to one’s vulnerability.

So once a person feels that they have reached a level of self-confidence where they want to help others, how do they do that?

When you truly share your self-confidence with others, it will in turn become a mirror for themselves—because they can relate to being vulnerable, to feeling weak. They see your openness and honesty as attainable, inspiring, and trustworthy...NOT conceded and condescending—as arrogant.

True self-confidence is being willing to admit when you are wrong, and arrogance is always believing that you are right!
When we project true self-confidence it doesn’t repel or intimidate people, it attracts them.

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